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While visiting Chiang Mai, it is possible to forget to keep fit. With the wide variety of parks, luxury restaurants and sites to see, many tourists forget to exercise thus gaining weight while visiting. Inasmuch as going on vacation is important, it is imperative that we keep fit. Many people tend to think that hikes and sport activities are the only way to exercise while on vacation, however, most sites that we like visiting during our vacations are luxury spurs. They don't tend to have sporting activities. The other alternative of working out during vacations and visits to Chiang Mai, is going to the gym.

I know that to most people this does not sound attractive at all. Gym has always been associated with non-fun activities, weight loss programmes or work-, which you are escaping from. Just like the vast variety of restaurants and food, Chiang Mai has a wide variety of gyms. Since there are so many to choose from, the services provided at these gyms are of high quality since every gym wants to keep its customers coming back. The infrastructures in most of the gyms are world class and are built and arranged with the customer in mind. These gyms have experienced staff who will take you through the entire exercising process. This is to ensure that you treat your body right and achieve your aim; to boost strength, stay fit or increase flexibility.

These gyms do not just seek to give you solid work out. They all strive to help you enjoy the process. As a result, most gyms have incorporated fun activities such as swimming pools, few games like table tennis and even racket balls. This started off as a technique to beat competitors but it has become a popular aspect among the customers.

A few gyms in Chiang Mai are:

Powerhouse gym fitness center is a fully equipped gym with an on sight sauna and free Wi-Fi for whoever sets foot in its vicinity.

The Chiang Mai Rock Climbing gym is one classic type of gym with inbuilt gym design for rock climbing. this is not only and perfectly energetic gyming set but a fun and exciting experience too.

There are a number of  hotels around town I know about, that allow only non-patron memberships. The gyms are elegant and fully equipped with experiences instructors. and they offers gyming practices like dancing exercises such as pole dancing and wow yoga, with steam rooms. There are numerous specialty gyms like Lanna Muay Thai, which is less than 2km from Sang Serene House, and CrossFit.

These are just a few examples of the gyms found in Chiang Mai. There are so many more which have great offers.

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