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I am an American who has been visiting Thailand for three months and I NEVER want to leave. Chiang Mai is the most beautiful, exciting place I have ever been. The lifestyle I have settled into is wonderful. The food, the natural beauty, the people all make me want to become a permanent expatriate.

I'm about to make my first VISA run from Chiang Mai to extend my stay for a little while longer. When I return home I plan to figure out a way to make my next visit a one-way trip. I feel particularly lucky because of the apartment I found. It is fully serviced and bigger and cleaner than the places other people I have met are staying. One of my new friends, visiting from Great Britain, lives in a tiny little place with electricity that doesn't work half of the time and no WiFi! How can you live like that?! But I guess a lot of people like me do live in situations like that, so I'm all the more thankful I found Sang Serene House. It's one less thing to worry about.

With housing worked out so nicely, I'm able to spend my time exploring the city. I love to hike, and it is so easy to organize trips with other expats to some of the most beautiful locations these eyes have ever seen. I don't think I have ever seen mountains so green with plant life. When I'm not in the outdoorsy mood, I love seeing new sides of the city. Sometimes it's easy to do on your own and sometimes it's better to have a guide. I found Zine at Thailand ETCetera to be a wonderful host. She took me to try new street food and temples and markets I wouldn't have found on my own. If you're interested you can find her website here, or find her on Facebook here.

I was nervous when I first got to Chiang Mai, but I should have dived right in. For the equivalent of one American dollar I can eat some of the best food I've ever had in my life till I'm stuffed. I still can't handle the handful of chile flakes the Thai people add to their own plate, but I'm getting used to spicier food. It's all delicious.

Basically, I feel really good about life here. I'm able to support myself and then some with freelance writing work I carried over from the States. I have more time to live my life and explore. Every day is an adventure. If you're reading this, find a way to make it to Chiang Mai. It's like nothing you've ever experienced.

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