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Weather in Chiang Mai
23 May 2014 04:08

Chiang Mai weather is not unusual for tropical regions of the world. There's the rainy season, which covers the months of June through October. There's the cool season that falls between November through February. Then there's the hot season during of March through May. Due to the lowered humidity in Chiang Mai, this city, as opposed to many other parts of Thailand, is considerably more moderate in climate, usually falling a few degrees cooler than the rest of the country. The best times  [ ... ]

Keeping Fit in Chiang Mai
23 May 2014 03:54

While visiting Chiang Mai, it is possible to forget to keep fit. With the wide variety of parks, luxury restaurants and sites to see, many tourists forget to exercise thus gaining weight while visiting. Inasmuch as going on vacation is important, it is imperative that we keep fit. Many people tend to think that hikes and sport activities are the only way to exercise while on vacation, however, most sites that we like visiting during our vacations are luxury spurs. They don't tend to have sportin [ ... ]

Chiang Mai: A One-of-a-Kind Destination
23 May 2014 03:46

There are a handful of travel destinations around the world to choose from when planning a vacation. Some prefer to play it safe and travel to a place that is often talked about in the media, while other people prefer to be more exciting and opt to travel to a discrete place that doesn't have a lot of hype attached to it but that it’s certainly a one-of-kind destination that is culturally significant, such as Chiang Mai, Thailand. Founded in 1296 by King Mengrai, this city is well-known for h [ ... ]

Swimming Pools in Chiang Mai
20 May 2014 08:48

Chiang Mai is a land-locked city in the northern tip of Thailand. Obviously, swimming in the area requires the use of pools. While it's true that the swimming pools in the region usually require some travel time out of the city, it's worth it to get a little splashy fun in the sun. 1. Centre of the Universe, a private swimming pool located only 500 meters or so from our apartment. Only lap swimmers can use this salt water pool between the hours of 6:30 to 9:00 am and 5:00 to 7:30 pm, and lap sw [ ... ]

My first long trip in Chiang Mai
09 May 2014 03:07

I am an American who has been visiting Thailand for three months and I NEVER want to leave. Chiang Mai is the most beautiful, exciting place I have ever been. The lifestyle I have settled into is wonderful. The food, the natural beauty, the people all make me want to become a permanent expatriate. I'm about to make my first VISA run from Chiang Mai to extend my stay for a little while longer. When I return home I plan to figure out a way to make my next visit a one-way trip. I feel particularly [ ... ]

Chiang Mai Furnished Apartments for Wonderful Long...
07 May 2014 07:52

Thailand is a splendid place to go on vacation, since the setting is idyllic and welcomes you to relish every single moment of your stay. Chiang Mai is perhaps the most picturesque location in the whole country of Thailand and I can vouch for that! During my stay, I have been fascinated by the remarkable landscapes and the superb monuments that can be found in the region. So, if you are having second thoughts as to whether you should choose Chiang Mai for your vacation, please take my word on it [ ... ]

WiFi in Chiang Mai
02 May 2014 03:25

Travelers are generally surprised at the many amazing things to see, do, taste, and experience in the province of Chiang Mai. People expect just historic temples, ethnic villages, elephant nature parks, scenery and various cultural events. But today, Chiang Mai is a WiFi mecca and attracts many long term visitors. Having come from its glorious beginnings in 1296 as a moat surrounded, walled city, Chiang Mai is now the second largest city in Thailand. It combines the modern and traditional, wher [ ... ]

How to Spend Your Holidays in Chiang Mai
30 Apr 2014 08:44

Chiang Mai is the ultimate destination for holidays and this is by far the most wonderful place you could travel! Emblematic temples and rich culture complete the scenery of this tropic heaven. Thailand offers far more than all the other tourist destinations worldwide. This is the main reason why so many people enjoy spending time here, and especially during November, December and January, there is such great demand for serviced apartments. When it comes to accommodation though, there really i [ ... ]

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